Saturday, March 24, 2007

dropping a line

hey all,

just thought i would drop a line.
how is everyone going?
Its saturday and raining and im feeling tired and a bit sick, have slept most the day. I ventured out of the house to go vote, walked up probably about 15mins total walk. then i also ventured out in the rain with hubby and the dogs for a 30 min walk.
Hubby started his new job last monday and is enjoying it. And i have been flat out at work as i am now the acting manager in my department for 6months while my boss is on a project so i am in effect doing her job and my job so i am busy busy busy. Its good though as it means i dont have time to be bored at work.
Im thinking about going to the Healthy Body Club Booty Camp that Ajay Rochester runs in sydney on the 28th April and really would like to meet some of the bloggers if they are going, drop me a post or email if intersted

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hey all,
Just been visiting Ajay's website and noticed that the

Healthy Booty Camps have gone interstate
and are coming to
Centennial Park
on the 28th April 2008
Anyone interested????? Let me know
Also to our other news
Dave didnt get the job at DUBBO but he did get a job at Queanbeyan at LANDMARK so he is extremely happy and means we dont have to move as he can just commute an hour a day.
Any ways he has just got home (in the work car) so better get him dinner
talk later fiona

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Green Paint everywhere

Over the last week i have been partly bludging and also really busy. I had the week off work as I am stepping into the managers roll for 6 months..... scary. There are a few changes happening at work and they need my manager to do a new project so i will be the manager for 6 months.

But this is also subject to dave still waiting to see what he is doing with the job in dubbo.
Supposably there is another 4 people to be interviewed on monday and then he should hear by the end of the week. If he gets it we are off to dubbo to live.

House painting and climbing on the roof, is the bit that has been keeping me busy. on wed and thursday and today dave has been climbing all over the roof spray painting the roof. We decided it was time the old bruswick green had a face lift. So we have painted the roof pale eucalypt. Its a pale greeny grey look (like the colour of gum trees). It looks good.
Eventually we will paint the rest of the house i want to change the yellowy cream to a cream colour.

Well thats it for today. I will post pics of the house change shortly.

Friday, February 2, 2007

My new blog

Hi All,
I have decided to change my blog. New year, new change and new location. For those that have visited my old blog welcome to my new blog, and for those new welcome and you can visit my old page at the above link.

Well i have changed my look of my blog several times with the hope of inspiration to kick in to get me back up on the weight loss horse, but it hasnt worked. So im not starting this one to do that, im starting to do this one so i can just have fun chatting to all my blog friends.

Dave and I have some extremely scary and exciting news to let you all know. We might be MOVING.
Moving to a new life......

Here is the story. Dave is studing agronomy - to all you non country people then this is the study of soils and crops and plans on becoming an agronomist - The guy that visits the farmers and lets them know how there soils are going and what crops they should plant.
Dave hates his current job, the boss is a bitch and she is a sour old cow that has no people skills and is shafting dave. She rips him off on his holidays, and doesnt respect the hard work that he puts into the job. So a job opportunity came up for a job in goulburn for an agronomist - unfortunately dave didnt get it as he hasnt finished his degree and doesnt have enough experience. so the guy that interviewed him said sorry bout that job but would you be willing to move to dubbo as there is the likelihood of a job similar to what dave does now coming up. So off dave went for an interview. We are now just playing the waiting game to see if they will offer him a job.

ARH scary. If he gets the job we will move 5 hours away to Dubbo.

Well apart from that news i am going good at life been doing a bit of exercise - should do move. And food well it has its moments but my head isnt in the right frame of mind to get back on that journey yet. I know i have put on a few kg but dont know how much as i havent been near any scales. Im still in the same size of clothes a bit tight but still there.

My job is going well - they dont want me to leave if dave gets the job, but i will im not going to or willing to try for a 5 hour long distance marriage. Ive done the 2 hour long distance thing before but 5 hours and marriage is a bit different.

Our holiday - well as most of you know Dave and I went to the uk in August. We had a fantastic time and i promise i will let you know about this soon so stay posted.

Well thats enough for now.

Fee Bee - previously Fiona